In A Global Conspiracy, Who Do You Look For In A Mentor

I watched a very interesting documentary on the weekend called Thrive. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest you get over to YouTube and watch it.

The movie covers a wide range of controversial subjects from UFO’s, Free Energy sources, banking cartels and world domination by an exclusive elite class. On the surface, all of these subjects are bound to raise a few eyebrows and prompt questions and doubts. All presented together in a very effective documentary though certainly raises some questions for you to ponder.

I came away from watching this with a burning desire to spread the word, and look for solutions. Indeed, much of what was presented are subjects I’ve been studying and researching for a few years. What I liked most about the film, was that it questioned how it’s been possible for mankind to have come so far technologically, and yet still be facing global crisis on a number of fronts. The majority of the planet lives in extreme poverty. We are continually thrust into conflict and wars. Our ecosystems are threatened by pollution and missuse.

I believe we’re at a critical time in history where man must change our current path. I can feel a shift in consciousness on the planet and I’m excited and concerned for the changes that are on our horizon. I choose to believe that people are inherently good, and that given the circumstances we could all come together for the greater good rather than the individual gain. Technologies exist to provide free unlimited power for all people. They’re just being suppressed by the massive corporations who would lose their global strangle hold on profiting from our energy needs. Imagine how our world would change if everyone had access to free energy – to run pumps for fresh water, to run lights and equipment for manufacturers. If we no longer had to rely on polluting fossil fuels for our energy needs.

So the question for you is who do you follow? Are you getting your information from mainstream media and other controlled and manipulated sources, or are you out there looking for mentors who have knowledge unknown by most? I think it’s time for the true leaders on this planet to step up and lead the people in a revolution on a global scale to eliminate corruption and greed, and bring about cooperation, love and goodwill for all beings. It’s time for our planet to THRIVE!

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Dan Giercke is a life long learner, who has recognized the value of having mentors in his life. As a result, he founded A Mentored Life which brings the world's greatest mentors all in one place to help you Reach Your Ultimate Potential. Download your own free copy of his 6 step report The MENTOR Method To A Wealth Mindset by visiting today.

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