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Accountability Is Key

Do you have an accountability partner? Someone who you check in with regularly to keep on track and to ensure you get done what you say you’re going to do. It could be a coach or mentor, but often is just someone of like-mind who doesn’t allow you to create excuses, and in turn you do the same for them.

Without accountability to yourself and others, is it possible to lead a successful life? I don’t personally believe you can. Anyone I know who has achieved a high level of success not only has a high level of accountability to themselves but they create an environment that keeps them on track even when they start to slip up. An accountability partner that you check in with once a week, or more frequently if you choose, can truly help you to get done all that you set out to do.

I don’t know about you, but when I tell someone else I’m going to do something I’m far more likely to get it done. The fact that I’ve told someone else about my goal gives me the drive to see it through so I don’t let them down. It’s one thing not to complete a task that I wanted to get done, and it’s an entirely different level when I’ve made that commitment to someone else. It’s by continually being accountable to myself and others that I build trust, and trust is an essential element if you ever want to be successful in life.

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