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A Guide By Your Side

I was having coffee a couple weeks ago with a gentleman that I met at a seminar. When we first met, we started talking at one of the breaks, and he mentioned that he was retired but liked to stay active by investing. He managed his portfolio by trading stocks, options and forex for a bit every day or so, and he was also getting into real estate.

Since we shared some common interests we chatted for quite awhile and then exchanged cards so we could keep in touch. A week or so later he called me up, and asked if I’d have time for a coffee as he’d be in my area in a couple of days. I agreed because he mentioned he wanted to know more about A Mentored Life, and also find out some more information regarding lease options in real estate.

Near the end of our coffee discussion, he said something that stuck in my mind. We were talking about A Mentored Life, and how I envision it being a support system to help people achieve their goals. Something that picks up where many of the other programs out there drop the ball – in the area of mentoring. In my experience, without a mentoring component most people won’t follow through and get the results their looking for in a program without a mentor or coach to help them when they hit a roadblock.

That’s when this gentleman said, “so rather than another Sage from the Stage, they can get a Guide By Your Side”. I immediately wrote that phrase down, and now I’m working on tweaking my business to be more of a Guide By Your Side. That’s where I think the gap is in the wealth creation, goal achievement, personal development industry. Too many people are selling products without the proper support system to ensure their customers get the results they envision when they buy the product.

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