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Weeds In The Garden Of Your Mind

Weeds In The Garden Of Your MindI read an interesting post from one of my mentors Dr. John Demartini on Facebook this morning. “If you don’t plant flowers in the garden of your mind, you’ll forever pull weeds. Likewise, if you don’t fill your day with high priority thoughts and actions, it will get filled with low priority thoughts and actions. At the start of each day, it is wise to visualize yourself sowing the seeds of what you would love to reap, then commit to sowing whatever you’d most love. Review your day and look for the link between what you sowed and what you reaped. It is impossible to break the Golden rule of cause and effect; no matter what, you reap what you sow and what you focus on, grows. Every time a weed is pulled, the flowers become more visible.”

It reminded me of a powerful analogy that I learned a few years ago from another of my mentors. Raymond Aaron was leading a workshop and was explaining why it’s important to think of your mind like a patch of fertile soil. Imagine for a second that you have a nice patch of rich fertile black soil in your back yard. If you do nothing with that soil, how long before you’ll notice the first weeds start to sprout up? You see, if you do nothing with this fertile soil, it won’t remain an empty patch – it’ll actually grow weeds all on it’s own. If however, you cultivate that soil, and plant flowers in it, before you know it you’ll be harvesting a crop of beautiful blossoms. You’ll likely need to remove the odd weed that springs up, but you know that to have the most beautiful garden, you’ll have to tend to a few weeds here and there, and they’re easy to remove if you catch them before they get established.

What I’d like you to do is recognize that your mind is much like that rich, fertile soil. If you don’t plant beautiful flowers (positive thoughts, goals, desires, questions that challenge you to find answers), you won’t end up with a blank slate, but rather an overgrown weed patch (negative thoughts, doubt, worry, anxiety, living in the past, fear etc). You must treat your mind like the fertile ground it is, and plant, nurture and water what it is you want to create.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste! Use yours to it’s fullest potential, and be quick to remove the weeds that may creep in.

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