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Your Own Mentor Dinner Party

I was asked an interesting question earlier today, and it caused me to stop and think. The question was, if you could invite any six living people to dinner, who would they be?

I went with my first instincts with my list, and here’s who I chose.

The first choice was Bob Proctor. I think primarily because it was a short appearance of his on the Ellen show that first brought The Secret to my attention. From there I’ve been on an insatiable quest for more learning about how I and the universe operates.

The next choice was Will Smith. I’ve always been a fan of his work on TV and in movies, but more than that I would like to pick his brain more about his thoughts on success, and what separates achievers from the rest. Here’s a great clip from one of his better movies that I really love.

My third choice was Tony Robbins. I’ve never attended one of his seminars and workshops despite having been to dozens and dozens of them over the years. He certainly seems to be at the top of the heap in personal development and human potential, so I’d like to spend some time with him to learn more from him.

Next I chose a couple of somewhat controversial figures. One of the first “success” books I read many years ago was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Ever since then, I’ve read a number of his books, follow his work online and generally respect his perspective on investing and escaping the rat race. His book “The Rich Dad Prophecy” really opened my eyes to what’s happening in our world, and seeing the world events today just reinforces my respect for his vision.

The last person may not be as well recognized as the others, but he’s certainly gotten my attention the past couple of years. If you’re prone to watching infomercials (and I’m not) perhaps you know him too. His name is Kevin Trudeau, and one of his more popular books is “Natural Cures … They Don’t Want You To Know About” His current work is The Global Information Network (click the banner on the right side of my blog to set up a free affiliate account – use mentoredlife when asked for a referral code), and I’m impressed with the quality of the information they share, and their mission to share secrets formerly reserved for the elite classes with the masses. It’s a mission I have as well, so an opportunity to pick his brain would be fabulous.

Those are my six for now. I’d love to hear your six, and the reasons why in the comment section below.

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