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A Goal Without A Plan Is Simply A Wish

A few years ago I got in the habit of writing out my goals. One program I followed from one of my early mentors Raymond Aaron had me writing out goals in 6 different areas of my life each month. The beauty of this program was that it set achievable targets for me to focus on as well as grander goals to stretch and reach for.

Within a couple of months I had completely transformed my life. I had bought 2 more investment properties. I had arranged to take some parental leave (something I had talked about doing with our first child). I had set in motion a plan to leave my regular job so I could focus on doing things better aligned with my passions.

Here’s the point I want to emphasize though. All of those things were goals previously. What I hadn’t done in the past was put them in writing and get to work on how to accomplish them though. They were wishes. It doesn’t matter how much you “talk” about doing something. If you don’t define a plan to achieve it, how’s it ever going to come to fruition? One of the best, and simplest steps you can take is simply to put it in writing. This takes it out of your imagination and translates it into a physical form on the paper. Just this act alone has proven to drastically increase your rate of success. Do yourself a favour and make goal setting a regular and frequent activity. Put them in writing, and then get to work on making them come true.

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